Environmental Conscious *

Green Technology, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Material

Do you believe in saving the earth brick by brick with construction techniques that embrace the environment? This category looks at projects that aim to reduce ecological footprint, use zero waste and recycling by maximising resources, reducing waste products and taking advantage of reusable materials.

Criteria and Guidelines

Special criteria

  • Professionals should enter their finished projects that meet all standards of sustainable and eco-conscious and sensitive architecture

Common Submission Guidelines

  • Participants must fill in the submission form, fill it out completely and upload their images in a clear visible size in a Image or PDF format only
  • Submissions must include sketches, plans, elevations, any other before and after images of the space with professionally shot pictures (interiors and exteriors).
  • The number of pages/slides in the Image/PDF should not exceed 50 MB. The size of the file should not be greater than 50 MB
  • The project should be described as per the guideline questions in the PDF document. All information on the project must be addressed through ONE sheet of the PDF Document only
  • The project must be absolutely complete and based in India
  • The project should not more than 5 years old (not older than 2013).
  • Projects that have won/have been nominated in previous KBDAs are not eligible to re enter